Just as a driver needs two headlights to best see the road in front of them, a good story or idea often requires multiple sources of light to let it shine properly. 

What is The Headlight Harbor Project?

The Headlight Harbor Project is home to profiles and stories told with a unique two-pronged approach: written narratives accompanied by original music featuring organic sounds related to a particular topic. My goal is to bring life to stories you might not otherwise have heard by tailoring pieces to both your eyes and ears. Some stories are short and simple. Some longer and more in-depth. Topics include anything that has a story worth telling: from person-focused profiles to larger exploratory issues.

As I develop the written portion of each post, I simultaneously create ways to engage the music fan in all of us. Using the natural sounds related to the topic at hand (interview recordings, speeches, the sounds of a freight train, etc.), I turn the often ignored into the instrumental. 

Who is The Headlight Harbor Project?

edited headshot.jpg

Hello! My name is Maxx Parcell. That's me over there to the right. I'll be your driver this evening, so please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Just kidding, that's not how websites work. Please enjoy all the arm-flailing freedom you can handle, I'm just glad you're here! 

To share a bit more about myself: I'm a proud Chicagoan, aspiring musician and most importantly forever curious about the stories that surround us. This site will be a living, breathing and changing creative space. For now I'm your only host, but please stay tuned for new collaborative pieces and all sorts of fun. 

Thanks for visiting I hope you enjoy!